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Privacy statement of 'ProxyParts'

'ProxyParts' is operated by Autonet B.V. Daltonstraat 30B, 3316 GD Dordrecht, the Netherlands.
Personal data of users of online services of 'ProxyParts' and 'ProxyParts Online’ are carefully handled and protected. Autonet B.V. acts in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (WBP) and has reported the processing of data to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (CPB) in the Hague. This has been included in the notification register of the CPB under number M1345561

Recording and processing of data

The data provided by users of online services of 'ProxyParts' and 'ProxyParts Online' are the responsibility of Autonet B.V. The data of users are provided to companies and institutions within the network of companies participating in 'ProxyParts' and 'ProxyParts Online' and other companies within the automotive sector with which Autonet has signed an agreement based on the WBP. Furthermore, data of users can be used by other companies in the automotive industry, i.e. companies which by ministerial decree (published in the Government Gazette of 10 Dec. 2001, no. 239) are designated as representatives of the automotive industry. They and Autonet can use the data for providing interesting information and/or offers directly relating to products in and from the automotive industry. Upon providing his/her data, the user may object to making the data available to third parties, with the exception of the companies participating in 'ProxyParts' and 'ProxyParts Online', because the companies participating therein must be able to have knowledge of the user’s request. Furthermore, a user can request his/her data and request to have it corrected or removed. In both cases, the user can do this via letter or e-mail to Autonet B.V.

Declaration of Consent

By participating in the online services of 'ProxyParts' and 'ProxyParts Online', the user declares to have read the privacy policy of Autonet B.V. stated here and agree with its contents.

Use of Cookies

In the provision of its services, Autonet uses cookies to make access to the site easier for the user. Autonet B.V. does not use the information from the cookies at an individual level. Personal information is used by the existing services and is therefore not used beyond these services or for other purposes.

Links to websites and cookies from other parties

This website and all other Internet websites registered by Autonet B.V. contain hyperlinks to other websites. Autonet B.V. is not responsible for the content or privacy policies of websites linked to.


Autonet B.V. reserves the right to make changes to the privacy policy. The currently applicable version is available on the website of ProxyParts.


For questions about the privacy policy, you can contact Autonet B.V. in Dordrecht via our Contact form.