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It may happen that you need to replace your gearbox. It could be worn down or some parts are no longer working properly. Often fixing it is not an option and purchasing a new gearbox is expensive. offers the solution. Our affiliated Dutch dismantlers get their hands on gearboxes and other car parts that are still working perfectly on a daily bases. The companies remove the gearboxes and other parts carefully out of the car and repair them if necessary.


You can get used car parts, such as a gearbox, for a price that is many times lower than the price at the dealership. Often the price via is up to 60% cheaper.

To make a request via is simple. You tell us what kind of car you drive and what part you are looking for. Do you need a greabox? Say so in your request and we will send your request to all the joined dismantling companies. They can respond immediately if they have the carparts you need in stock. Just fill in the parts request form!

Most of the time you will receive your first reaction(s) within 5 minutes. Does a car dismantler have the gearbox that fits your car in stock? Then you can directly contact the dismantler and negotiate with him about price and delivery.


A purchase through our website is profitable for you and benefits the environment. Parts that otherwise end up as scrap, can now be used as a low-priced, environmentally friendly alternative. Which is why we receive over 500,000 visitors on our website every month . Since 1990 more than 2.5 million sales took place through

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