The cheapest bumpers

Do you need new bumpers for your car? When you buy the bumpers for the front of rear of your car at a dealership, you often pay a significant amount of money. That while second-hand bumpers, if carefully chosen and refurbished, are often just as good. helps you to find the most suitable bumpers. As an intermediary between demand and supply of used car parts, we have been since 1990, specialized in offering car parts that are selected by the best car dismantlers from the Netherlands.

Car dismantling companies has 149 connected car dismantling companies, which have jointly stocked more than 5,621,731 used parts for you. Every day they find usable parts, which they put directly on the website.

Whether you are a private individual who, or a company in need of car parts; it is certainly worthwhile to look through our database or to place a request.

To place a request for car parts is very simple. You tell us what kind of car you drive and what part you are looking for. Do you need a front or rear bumper? Then say so in your request and we will then send this request to all our joined dismantling companies. They can then respond to your request by phone or e-mail if they have the requested part in stock. Have you found the right bumpers for your car? Then you can immediately, without the intervention of, negotiate with the provider about the price and delivery of the part(s).

Reliable is reliable and the offered car parts are often low-priced. Our dismantling companies have all the necessary permits. And if you need some help? We have a professional customer service that is ready for you.

It is no coincidence that through millions of auto parts found new owners. Every month, hundreds of thousands of people visit our website looking for used car parts.