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With used car parts, selected by reputable Dutch car dismantlers, you often pay less than half the price of what you would at the dealership. On, you can find the best used car parts from professional Dutch dismantling companies. Whether you are looking for a bumper, engine, transmission, taillight, headlight, or exhaust, you will find it on

It is easy to submit a request by entering the make and model of your car or your “Dutch” license plate number and indicate what part you are looking for. If you don’t have a Dutch licence plate you can submit a request by entering the make, model, etc. More than 148 affiliated companies can see your request and are able to respond to it. Have you found a suitable part at a car dismantler? You can negotiate with this car dismantler directly, without the intervention of On working days, you will often receive the first reactions from reputable Dutch car dismantlers within 10 minutes. Are you still having no luck with your request? Try again a few days later. After all, what might not be available at our car dismantlers today, could be present in tenfold two days later.

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The car dismantling companies affiliated with specialise in the reuse of used car parts. You can search the car parts database of You will find more than 5,593,352 parts here. We offer all types of parts for all different makes. New parts are posted online every day.

History was founded in 1990 to bring together the demand and supply of used car parts in Holland. Over the years, we have developed an online system which allows Dutch car dismantlers to easily post a part online and allows individuals or car businesses to easily find these products. Over 5 million parts have already been sold via Every month, 40,000 requests are submitted, of which more than 75% leads to a transaction.

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