Wiki information for users

Auto Wiki is new on the website and offer you a collection of functions in addition to the submitting requests and searching the Online Stock. Some of these functions may help you in your search for the right car parts via

Car parts and car makes finder

On this page you will find general descriptions of the car parts available in our database with accompanying images or photos. You will also find an overview of the most common car makes and car models.

Car parts, car makes, and car models which do not yet have a description will be complemented gradually in the near future.

Engine code finder

With our Engine code finder, you can consult our engine code database by selecting a car make and car model. This database contains all engine codes that have been used for placing car parts requests in the past. The overviews can then be used to see with which model years and with what engine capacities certain engine codes are used. It is possible that engine codes are used with other models and even with other car makes as well. These will then also be visible in the overviews.

Gearbox code finder

The Gearbox code finder works the same was as the engine code finder, but based on gearbox codes.

Try out the listed services and functions just to see what the results are for your vehicle. It may help you during your search for quality used car parts via!