Online car parts stock

You can find car parts online via the In addition to the well-known "", Autonet B.V. also manages the largest online car parts stock of Europe. Autonet B.V. automates the larger part of the car dismantling companies in the Netherlands. The "automate" package, specifically written for car dismantling companies, is installed at over 200 companies in the Netherlands. It provides for all the needs of a professional car dismantling company, from standard car recycling all the way to bookkeeping.

Reporting in a vehicle occurs via the "automate" system and the usable car parts are dismantled in a traceable manner and put into stock. Equipped with a barcode, the car parts are scanned in the warehouse on site.

Autonet B.V. makes this online car parts stock available on the Internet in real time. This means that each car part which is taken into stock by our affiliated car dismantling companies is immediately visible on the Internet. Not only on, but on their own website as well, visitors can easily check whether the sought-after car part is in stock. shows all of these car parts in one place, which has led to there currently being 5,661,013 car parts online available!

In the future, new opportunities will become available, and we strive to become the biggest and first web shop in Europe where everyone can quickly and easily get cheaper and good quality used car parts., your highway to car parts