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ABS cableABS pumpABS SensorAcceleratorAdditional water pumpAir boxAir conditioning control panelAir conditioning lineAir conditioning pumpAir intake hoseAir mass meterAirbag ModuleAirbag Set+ModuleAirbagringAirflow meterAutomatic gearbox computerBash plateBattery boxBody control computerBonnetBonnet lock mechanismBrake light switchBrake servoBumper grilleCard reader (lock)Catalytic converterCentral locking motorClutch kit (complete)Clutch lineClutch master cylinderClutch switchComputer, miscellaneousCooling fan resistorCooling fansCooling fin relayCowl top grilleCrankshaftDashboardDaytime running light, leftDaytime running light, rightDecorative stripDoor 2-door, leftDoor 2-door, rightDoor 4-door, front leftDoor lock mechanism 2-door, leftDoor lock mechanism 2-door, rightDoor lock mechanism 4-door, front leftDoor trim 4-door, front leftDynamoEGR valveElectric fuel pumpElectric power steering unitElectric window switchEngineEngine coverEngine management computerEngine mountEngine protection panelExhaust (complete)Exhaust heat shieldExhaust manifoldExhaust rear silencerExpansion vesselExtra window 4-door, front rightFan motorFront anti-roll barFront brake calliper, leftFront brake calliper, rightFront brake discFront bumperFront bumper frameFront bumper strip, rightFront door 4-door, rightFront door hinge, rightFront door lock mechanism 4-door, rightFront door trim 4-door, rightFront drive shaft, leftFront drive shaft, rightFront seatbelt, rightFront shock absorber, rightFront windscreen washer reservoirFront wing, leftFront wing, rightFront wiper armFront wiper motorFront wishbone, leftFront wishbone, rightFronts shock absorber, leftFuel injector nozzleFuel pressure sensorFuse boxGearboxGearbox control cableGearbox mountGearbox shift cableGloveboxGlow plug relayGPS antennaGrilleGrille holderHeadlight, leftHeater control panelHeater resistorHeater resistor plugHeating and ventilation fan motorHeating radiatorHose (miscellaneous)Ignition coilImmobiliserIndicator switchInjector (petrol injection)IntercoolerIntercooler hoseInterior displayInterior lighting, frontJackkit + spare wheelKnuckle bracket, front leftKnuckle bracket, front rightKnuckle, front leftKnuckle, front rightLambda probeLeft airbag (steering wheel)Light switchMapping sensor (intake manifold)Mirror switchMiscellaneousModule (miscellaneous)MotorNavigation displayNavigation systemOdometer KMParcel shelfParking brake cableParking brake mechanismPDC SensorPetrol pumpPower steering computerPower steering pumpRadiatorRadiator barRadioRadio CD playerRadiotrimRear brake calliper, leftRear brake calliper, rightRear brake drumRear bumperRear bumper bracket, leftRear bumper frameRear coil springRear door 4-door, leftRear door 4-door, rightRear door lock mechanism 4-door, leftRear door mechanism 4-door, rightRear door window 4-door, leftRear door window mechanism 4-door, leftRear door window mechanism 4-door, rightRear gas strut, leftRear seatbelt buckle, centreRear seatbelt buckle, leftRear seatbelt buckle, rightRear seatbelt, centreRear seatbelt, leftRear seatbelt, rightRear shock absorber rod, leftRear shock absorber, leftRear shock absorber, rightRear torsion springRear wheel bearingRear wiper armRear wiper motorRear wishbone, rightRear-wheel drive axleRegistration plate lightRoof rail kitSeat airbag (seat)Seat, rightSeatbelt tensioner, leftSeatbelt tensioner, rightSensor (other)Set of gas struts for bootSet of tailgate gas strutsSet of wheelsSet of wheels + tyresSpeed sensorSpoiler rear windowSpoiler tailgateStarterSteering boxSteering box lockSteering column housingSteering column stalkSteering wheelSubframeSunroof motorTailgateTailgate lock mechanismTaillight, leftTaillight, rightTank cap coverTank floatTDC sensorThermostat housingThird brake lightThrottle bodyThrottle pedal position sensorTool setTowbar moduleTurboTurbo hoseTurbo pressure regulatorTyre repair kitVacuum relayWheel arch linerWheel cover (spare)Wheel cover setWindow mechanism 2-door, front leftWindow mechanism 2-door, front rightWindow mechanism 4-door, front leftWindow mechanism 4-door, front rightWindscreen washer pumpWing mirror, leftWing mirror, rightWiper motor + mechanismWiper switch
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