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ABS ComputerABS pumpAIH headlight switchAir boxAir conditioning lineAir conditioning pumpAir intake hoseAir mass meterAirbag clock springAirbag ModuleAirbag SensorAirbagringAlternator upper bracketAntennaBody control computerBrake light switchBrake servoCamshaft sensorCard reader (lock)Catalytic converterCentral door locking moduleCentral locking switchClockCockpit dimmerCooling fansCowl top grilleCrankshaft pulleyCrankshaft sensorCruise control switchDistributorDistributorless ignition systemDoor 2-door, leftDoor 2-door, rightDoor handle 2-door, leftDoor handle 2-door, rightDoor handle 4-door, front leftDoor lock mechanism 2-door, leftDoor lock mechanism 2-door, rightDoor lock mechanism 4-door, front leftDoor stop 2-door, leftDoor stop 2-door, rightDoor trim 4-door, front leftDoor window 2-door, leftDoor window 2-door, rightDoor window motorDynamoEGR valveElectric fuel pumpElectric power steering unitElectric window switchEmblemEngineEngine management computerEngine mountEngine protection panelExhaust central + rear silencerExhaust front sectionExhaust manifoldExhaust middle sectionExhaust middle silencerExhaust rear silencerExpansion vesselFan motorFog light, front leftFog light, front rightFront ashtrayFront brake calliper, leftFront brake calliper, rightFront brake discFront brake padFront bumperFront door handle 4-door, rightFront door lock mechanism 4-door, rightFront door stop 4-door, leftFront door stop 4-door, rightFront door trim 4-door, rightFront drive shaft, leftFront drive shaft, rightFront seatbelt, leftFront seatbelt, rightFront shock absorber rod, leftFront shock absorber rod, rightFront torque rod, leftFront torque rod, rightFront windscreen washer reservoirFront wing, leftFront wing, rightFront wiper armFront wiper motorFront wishbone, leftFront wishbone, rightFuel distributorFuel injector nozzleFuel lineFuse boxGearboxGearbox mountGloveboxGlow plug relayGrilleHandleHeadlight motorHeadlight, leftHeadlight, rightHeater control panelHeater resistorHeating and ventilation fan motorHornIgnition coilIgnition lock + computerImmobiliserIndicator switchIndicator, leftIndicator, rightInjector (diesel)Injector (petrol injection)Injector housingInstruction BookletInstrument panelIntake manifoldIntercoolerInterior displayInterior lighting, frontJackKnuckle, front leftKnuckle, front rightLambda probeLeft airbag (steering wheel)Light switchLock plateMapping sensor (intake manifold)Master cylinderMirror switchMotorNavigation systemOil dipstickPanic lighting switchParcel shelfParticulate filterPDC ModulePen ignition coilPower steering computerPower steering fluid reservoirPower steering pumpPressure plateRadiatorRadio CD playerRear brake calliper, leftRear brake drumRear bumperRear bumper component, leftRear bumper component, rightRear bumper corner, leftRear bumper corner, rightRear coil springRear door 4-door, rightRear door handle 4-door, leftRear door handle 4-door, rightRear door lock mechanism 4-door, leftRear door mechanism 4-door, rightRear door stop 4-door, leftRear door stop 4-door, rightRear door trim 4-door, leftRear door trim 4-door, rightRear door window mechanism 4-door, leftRear door window mechanism 4-door, rightRear seatbelt buckle, leftRear seatbelt buckle, rightRear seatbelt, centreRear seatbelt, leftRear seatbelt, rightRear shock absorber, leftRear shock absorber, rightRear wheel bearingRear window heating switchRear wiper armRear wiper motorRear-wheel drive axleRegistration plate lightRelayReversing light switchRight airbag (dashboard)Roof curtain airbag, rightSeat, rightSeatbelt tensioner, leftSensor (other)Set of tailgate gas strutsSet of upholstery (complete)Set of wheel boltsSide light, leftSpoilerStarterSteering angle sensorSteering boxSteering columnSteering column stalkSteering wheelSteering wheel mounted radio controlSubframeSun visorSwitchTailgateTailgate handleTailgate lock mechanismTailgate lock stopTaillight, leftTaillight, rightTank cap coverTank floatThrottle bodyThrottle pedal position sensorTowing eyeTurboTurbo hoseVacuum pump (diesel)Vacuum valveWheelWheel cover (spare)Window mechanism 2-door, front leftWindow mechanism 2-door, front rightWindow mechanism 4-door, front leftWindow mechanism 4-door, front rightWindow winderWindscreen washer pumpWing mirror, leftWing mirror, rightWiper motor + mechanismWiper switch
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