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ABS pumpABS SensorAccelerator pedalAir boxAir conditioning lineAir conditioning pumpAir conditioning radiatorAir mass meterAirbag ModuleAirbag sensorAirbag set+moduleAirbagringAlternator upper bracketAntennaAntenna AmplifierAutomatic torque converterBash plateBattery boxBody control computerBonnetBonnet HingeBonnet LiningBonnet lock mechanismBrake servoBumper bottomBumper grilleCable (miscellaneous)Carbon filterCentral door locking moduleCentral locking motorClutch plateComfort ModuleCooling computerCooling fan resistorCooling fansCooling fin relayCowl top grilleCruise control switchDashboardDashboard ventDiesel pumpDoor 2-door, rightDoor 4-door, front leftDoor airbag 4-door, front leftDoor lock cylinder, rightDoor lock mechanism 4-door, front leftDoor window 4-door, front leftDoor window 4-door, front rightDoor window motorDynamoElectric central locking vacuum pumpElectric fuel pumpElectric window switchEngineEngine management computerEngine mountEsp computerEsp Duo SensorExhaust front sectionExhaust heat shieldExhaust manifoldExhaust rear silencerExpansion vesselFan motorFloor panel load areaFlywheelFront anti-roll barFront brake calliper, leftFront brake calliper, rightFront brake discFront bumperFront bumper frameFront bumper, central componentFront bumper, right-side componentFront door 4-door, rightFront door airbag 4-door, rightFront door hinge, leftFront door hinge, rightFront door lock mechanism 4-door, rightFront drive shaft, leftFront drive shaft, rightFront left bodywork cornerFront panelFront seatbelt, centreFront seatbelt, rightFront shock absorber rod, leftFront shock absorber rod, rightFront spring screwFront windscreen washer reservoirFront wing, leftFront wing, rightFront wiper armFront wishbone, leftFront wishbone, rightFrontscreenFuel pressure sensorFuel tank filler pipeFuse boxGear stickGearboxGearbox shift cableGloveboxGlow plug relayGrilleHeadlight, leftHeadlight, rightHeaterHeater control panelHeater housingHeater resistorHeater valve motorHeating and ventilation fan motorHeating elementHeating radiatorHornHose (miscellaneous)Ignition coilIgnition lock + keyIgnition system (complete)Indicator switchInjector (petrol injection)IntercoolerIntercooler hoseInterior displayInterior lighting, frontInterior temperature sensorKnuckle, front leftKnuckle, front rightLambda probeLeft airbag (steering wheel)Light switchLuggage compartment coverLuggage compartment trimMirror glass, rightMirror housing, leftMirror switchMiscellaneousModule (miscellaneous)Module keyless vehicleMotorOdometer KMOil coolerOil filter housingOil pressure lineOil pumpPanic lighting switchPanoramic roofParcel shelfParking brake leverParking brake moduleParticulate filter sensorPDC SensorPetrol pumpPower steering boxPower steering computerPower steering linePower steering pumpRadiatorRadiator barRadioRadio CD playerRadio control panelRadio moduleRadio/cassette playerRain sensorRear brake calliper, leftRear brake calliper, rightRear bumperRear bumper bracket, leftRear bumper bracket, rightRear bumper frameRear coil springRear door 4-door, leftRear door 4-door, rightRear door hinge, leftRear door hinge, rightRear door window 4-door, leftRear door window mechanism 4-door, leftRear door window mechanism 4-door, rightRear gas strut, leftRear seatbelt, centreRear seatbelt, leftRear seatbelt, rightRear shock absorber, leftRear shock absorber, rightRear view mirrorRear wiper armRear wiper motorRear wishbone, rightRear-wheel drive axleRight airbag (dashboard)Roof curtain airbagSeat airbag (seat)Seat heating switchSeat, leftSeat, rightSensor (other)Set of sports wheelsSet of tailgate gas strutsSet of upholstery (complete)Set of wheels + winter tyresSide skirt, leftSide skirt, rightSpeakerSpeed sensorStarterSteering boxSteering column housingSteering wheelSubframeSumpSun visorSunroofSunroof (miscellaneous)Support (miscellaneous)SwitchTailgateTaillight, leftTaillight, rightTankTank cap coverTank floatThrottle bodyThrottle pedal position sensorThrottle position sensorTurboTurbo relief valveTyre pumpVacuum pump (diesel)Vacuum valveWater pumpWheelWheel arch linerWheel cover (spare)Window mechanism 2-door, front rightWindow mechanism 4-door, front leftWindow mechanism 4-door, front rightWindscreen washer pumpWing mirror, leftWing mirror, rightWiper motor + mechanism
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