Information for users was founded in 1990 by Autonet B.V. from Dordrecht. The idea of linking supply and demand together in the area of used car parts quickly proved to be the answer to a great demand, and has since been running for years to the full satisfaction of our subscribers and those who request parts.

Much has changed in recent years. The main change is the emergence of “the” Internet. Where requests would previously be predominantly submitted by telephone, most applications now occur via the Internet. However, for those who prefer to submit their requests by telephone, our operators are available every day to assist people and submit requests.

Currently, processes over 10,000 requests for car parts weekly. Our survey shows that 97% of applicants are satisfied with the operation of and that almost 75% of applicants actually buy their car part via

How does work?

Enter the registration number of your car on the application form and retrieve the technical data. Note that the data entered here cannot be 100% guaranteed and be sure to check them at all times. Then, indicate what car parts you need. system will immediately provide the fields belonging to that part. Try to fill these fields out as completely as possible, so that our affiliated car dismantling companies know exactly what you need. Finally, enter your contact data and submit the request. Often within a few minutes, you will receive a notice from one of our companies saying they have your requested item in stock.

Why used car parts?

Used car parts tend to be much cheaper than new car parts. When a car is damaged and is to be demolished, all usable parts are disassembled and stored in a warehouse. These parts are often just as good as new car parts in terms of quality, but significantly cheaper. Additionally, reusing car parts is good for the environment!, your highway to car parts