Code of Conduct

Any company that is registered as a ProxyParts subscriber with Autonet B.V., has agreed to the Code of Conduct.

  • The subscriber only makes offers to potential customers if the car part(s) searched for is/are actually in stock.
  • The goods, services, and products intended for sale are described accurately and fairly. No information that may influence the decision of a potential customer will be withheld.
  • A high standard of service, punctuality, and politeness towards (potential) customers is guaranteed. The basic principles of good business and business ethics will be taken into account at all times.
  • Customers and prospective customers are given the full details of what is included in a quote, and what could be added to the quoted price, such as packaging, shipping, insurance, VAT, and transport costs, as well as the applicable warranty term.
  • Upon request, correct and complete receipts are issued for payments received.
  • In the case of orders that have been accepted, and with which payment has been agreed before the goods are shipped or collected (cash), the goods will be reserved for a minimum of three days. Upon accepting the order, the customer will be informed of this, as well as the exact date upon which the goods will again become available for other customers.
  • Complaints or reports of dissatisfaction of customers will be immediately processed.
  • Autonet reserves the right to, at any time, terminate the agreement/the subscription with immediate effect without judicial intervention and without being liable for any form of compensation if the subscriber violates one or more provisions of this Code.
  • Arbitration;
    In the event that a dispute with a customer is not solved by the subscriber and this customer submits a written request for arbitration to Autonet, the dispute will be brought to the attention of Autonet B.V. for non-binding arbitration.